Peter Booth is Vice President of the National Convention, and Vice Chairman of Conservative Policy Forum. He served for three years as South West Regional Chairman.

I am a nominated candidate to be Chairman of the Conservative National Convention. Our National Convention is about to elect a new chairman and we owe Lord Sharpe a huge debt of gratitude for his leadership.

I am privileged to have served on his national officer team for the past two years, and was re-elected last year leading the Vice President ballot.

We have all been constrained this past year by what we can do, and our volunteers have responded magnificently during the crisis. Thank you to our members for keeping our party afloat.

Why am I running?

I want to offer the leadership our volunteers need.I have been there during the crisis when we have by necessity done things differently. I have been part of the existing team who have kept our volunteers engaged, and I am the only current officer seeking to be chairman.

I want to enhance the digital training opportunities given prior to the May elections and use online training techniques adapted to every individual to put members on a training escalator, so that we combine conversations on the doorstep with the new ideas learnt. I want to continue to work with my colleagues on the national team – they are an established and successful unit, and we work well together.

If elected, I guarantee that I will work full-time as chairman. I ran my own successful small businesses and as a result was able to give up my paid working career early. I have the experience needed to take on the role. I served seven years as a constituency chairman, both in the South East and then Cornwall. I have been an area DCP, and was Chairman of South West Region prior to the past two years as Vice President and on the Party Board.

My experience runs from being a branch committee member to being a Party Board member and that invaluable experience of partaking in, of building and of leading teams is crucial.I have been in active service for our party from university onwards and my enthusiasm for our party and our core beliefs and values is firm.

What I want to achieve?

The next election is likely to be in 2024 and our party must be prepared and engaged to fight this battle after 14 years in Office. This is essential for our country, as only we fully support our union against those who seek to break up our United Kingdom.

We must embark on more targeted training so that we improve the skills of our volunteers. Communication is paramount to the success of any organisation, and I will enhance communication across our voluntary party.

During my two years as Vice President I have built a 250+ WhatsApp team. Through this daily contact with approximately one third of the National Convention I am able to listen to the concerns and to take the ‘pulse’ of convention members.

I learnt from the group that one of the biggest concerns around the country is our disciplinary proceedings. One of the recommendations of the now accepted Singh Investigation is for a complete overhaul to our disciplinary process. I am determined that volunteer input is given at every step so we provide clear new disciplinary procedures, and that my team working in cooperation with CCHQ will establish a process ‘fit for purpose’.

As a collaborative person, I know from my life experience that you get more done when you work with people, and this is always my start point.Whilst I always rigorously defend our voluntary party, I recognise that all the parts of our party can achieve more when we work in harmony.

The Conservative Party must reflect the look of our country, and I want our voluntary party to be an open and inclusive ‘party for all’.

I was born and raised in a small mining town in the North East of England – and I recognise that we must welcome these new voters from places like my home town, as we must welcome voters from every background and community. My start point is not where you are from, but where you are heading!

The chairman of the National Convention has to be above partisan politics, however the core values we all share are for freedom, free enterprise, fairness, and a love of our United Kingdom. These are the beliefs that drive me to work assiduously for our party. I have also served during the past year as Vice Chairman of the Conservative Policy Forum and I actively seek debate and ideas from our membership.We must expand our use of CPF, CWO and the Young Conservatives to bring in and develop new activists.

My offer is to work full time for our volunteers. My guarantee is to stand up for our voluntary party. My ambition is to keep winning. My vision is that our nation remains united and prosperous – with our party at the helm.