Rob Sutton is an incoming junior doctor in Wales and a former Parliamentary staffer. He is a recent graduate of the University of Oxford Medical School

Number 24 on the Top Tories on Twitter list: Dehenna Davison

In the 2019 intake of new MPs, Dehenna Davison stands out. At number 24, she’s the highest-ranked of the new members on this list.

Since her election, she has moved a long way ahead of the competition, with over twice the follower count of the second highest (Joy Morrissey) of the freshman Conservatives. Her current ranking also puts her ahead of many big names, including Liam Fox, Esther McVey and Brandon Lewis.

Davison is the first Conservative to represent Bishop Auckland, taking it by a swing of 9.5 per cent. The seat had been held by Labour since 1935. And she’s been working hard to solidify her hold on the seat.

Davison takes after Jacob Rees-Mogg, her former boss and Leader of the House, in her ability to cultivate a strong social media following. With high-profile appointments already under her belt, it’s highly likely that her success will only continue. As a newly elected member of the Home Affairs Select Committee and a member of the Immigration Bill Committee, her constituents will be satisfied to have elected a member who has taken so quickly to her parliamentary duties.

She has stuck to the party line and her attacks of the opposition have been sharp and well-delivered. At other times, her tweets are deeply personal and give her followers an insight into her life outside of the House. Davison has been the stand-out performer of 2019’s new intake of Conservatives. Expect big things ahead.