Peter Booth is a candidate for Vice President of the National Convention, and is currently Chairman of the South West Region.

Our internal elections take place against the backdrop of the party leadership election.

That election will give us the opportunity to renew the bond between the voluntary party and the leadership, and we must seize this opportunity to push our new leader to actively engage with the volunteers. That’s why I am standing as a Vice Presidential candidate in these elections.

Currently I am Chairman of South West Region, and have been since 2017, and I would like to use my experience to be part of Andrew Sharpe’s team. Prior to that I was an Association Chairman for seven years, both in Brighton and then in Cornwall when we relocated to the South West.

My experience is all in the voluntary party, and I am passionate about making our voice heard!

Our party will not rebuild the trust of the electorate without us coming together and speaking with one voice. The role of our national team is to bring our volunteers together, and in our current political situation it is more important than ever that the new Officers are team builders, weaving together the ‘fifty shades of blue’ who make up our party.

It is the job of our voluntary arm to step up and be heard by our new leadership, and to point out:

  •  it is nigh on impossible for MP’s to be elected without volunteers who tramp the streets, delivering and canvassing, and the teams who stuff envelopes, and at a local level raise funds to buy those envelopes
  • we in the voluntary party have local knowledge and serve as a listening post for our MP’s
  • we supply an endless stream of local government candidates and councillors all helping to
    deliver Conservative policy at a local level

In other words ‘you need us’ – the people at a local level who keep our party running.

In South West Region we have effectively used social media to build a regional community online, sharing our successes and failures, and spreading knowledge through training to our membership.

We have engaged in community action like our great South West Beach Clean last year when over 400 members took part around our coastline, getting unprecedented publicity and showing our party in best light.

We have also used social media to share the best resource of all – members – to move outside their constituencies to help in elections across the region. We have brought together traditional doorstep campaigning with modern social media – both
essential for modern campaigning.

I am above all a campaigner, and never fear of travelling around our geographically enormous region to campaign where needed. The thought of travelling nationally does not daunt me.

The South West succeeds not because of me but because we have built a team – who feel and are connected. I would like the opportunity to extend what we have achieved in #TeamSouthWest and to work at a national level.

I was born and raised just outside Sunderland in the North East. I attended a comprehensive school, and my degree was at Essex University. I lived and worked in London for 20 years, before moving to Brighton and now Cornwall. So I have worked for our party across different parts of the country, and believe I understand the unique needs of different regions. You cannot simply duplicate what is right for the South East in the North East. Ours must be a more nuanced approach across the country.

My background is in business where I owned and ran two successful small businesses and I am lucky enough to have retired early. I have the time, I have the enthusiasm, the optimism and I hope the ability to take on a national role. I hope that you will consider giving me one of your (up to three) votes for Vice President.