Oliver Mundell is MSP for Dumfriesshire.

We are in a national political crisis. It’s clear that the Conservative and Unionist Party has a responsibility to deliver Brexit on 31st October and unite our country. That is the only way to stop Jeremy Corbyn, propped up by Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP, getting into Downing Street and ease the strain on our communities here in Scotland which have been so deeply divided between Yes/No and Leave/Remain.

Boris Johnson is now the only candidate who will deliver Brexit on time on 31st October. In doing so, he will enact the instruction given to us by the voters in 2016 and will restore public trust in our democracy. As one of over a million Scots to vote for Brexit, I know just how important this is to people and I understand why many people wanted to make their voice heard at the recent EU Elections.

I am worried that Jeremy Hunt can’t and won’t commit to delivering Brexit quickly, risking no Brexit at all. In Scotland we are fatigued with the constitutional uncertainty, our constituents are tired of referendums and they don’t want any more. However, shortly after the EU referendum, Hunt called for a second referendum: ‘So before setting the clock ticking, we need to negotiate a deal and put it to the British people, either in a referendum or through the Conservative manifesto at a fresh general election.’

We Scottish Conservatives and Unionists don’t want any more referendums. Those arguing for and campaigning for a second EU referendum are simply giving aid and succour to those who would stage another independence vote in Scotland. By undermining the verdict of the EU referendum, they are undermining the decision of 2014, doing the work of the SNP and threatening the Union.

As Mayor of London, Johnson delivered a modern, compassionate, one nation Conservative agenda and he stuck to his promises. That’s how you know he will restore trust and deliver as Prime Minister.

Johnson is the only candidate who can deliver Brexit. In doing so he will take away all the uncertainty that the SNP have exploited to stoke further division and they will have no choice but to defend their appalling record in Government as the public’s attention returns to schools, hospitals and policing. Having fought hard to win my seat in the 2016 Scottish Parliament, I don’t want to see our fortunes reversed because we failed to deliver on the task the British people set us.

As Prime Minister, Boris Johnson will deliver for our whole United Kingdom. The worst thing that could possibly happen to our Union is to allow Jeremy Corbyn, likely propped up by the SNP, into Number 10. The surest way for this to happen is to fail to deliver Brexit by 31st October. With Jeremy Corbyn signalling that he is willing to allow a second independence referendum, we just can’t take the risk.

Johnson successfully attracted the support of more than 50 per cent of MPs in the Parliamentary stage of the leadership election, attracting endorsements from those who argued to remain in the EU and others who campaigned to leave. He was able to unite these different opinions in the party to support him, and we are sure he will do the same in the country if he is chosen as our next Leader and Prime Minister.

To deliver Brexit, restore trust in our policies and unite the country we encourage members across Scotland to Back Boris.