Brandon Lewis is Chairman of the Conservative Party, and is MP for Great Yarmouth.

Yesterday, thanks to the hard work of dedicated Conservative activists, volunteers and staff, up and down the country we saw Conservative councillors taking seat after seat.

In the run up to polling day, John McDonnell and Sadiq Khan boasted that there was no corner of London where Labour couldn’t win, as they sent busloads of hard-left Momentum activists to Barnet, Westminster and Wandsworth, in an attempt to oust Conservative councillors.

Labour may have been banging the drum of fear with bullying tactics, bravado and Momentum activists, but it is the sheer graft of Conservative activists, volunteers and CCHQ staff that delivered these Conservative gains. The Conservative team effort, up and down the country, has seen gains in Dudley, Barnet, Bolton, Nuneaton, and Wigan – and helped us to keep control of Amber Valley, Wandsworth, Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea.

When I was out on the doorstep in Dudley, it was the brilliant coordination and organisational strength of our field team that helped dedicated activists campaigning day in and day out.

In Walsall, volunteers were out in the pouring rain to knock on doors and deliver leaflets explaining to voters that Conservatives provide lower council tax and excellent public services.

In Nuneaton, one of Labour’s strongholds, one of my fantastic vice Chairman, Marcus Jones, led a dedicated team to deliver a Conservative success.

Out on the doorstep in Westminster and Wandsworth, I saw our councillors putting up a fight – spending every spare minute of every day campaigning to ensure we held on to two councils that have delivered the lowest council tax in the country.

I have met hundreds of volunteers in the past few months, and I’m proud to be part of such a committed and hardworking team. I want to commend every single one of you that stood for council or campaigned in any way in this election.

Whether you knocked on doors or delivered leaflets in the rain and the snow, travelled miles to help out candidates you had never met, or picked up the phone to deliver the Conservative message; every contribution no matter how big or small added to our campaign. Working together, we delivered our message that Conservative councils manage your money better and deliver better services.

This is just the beginning. I am proud that we have gained some brilliant new councillors, and left Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour deflated and disappointed. We’ve got the campaign machine up and running but we’ve still got more to do. We have lost some excellent local councillors, and we need to go even further to build our campaign strength.

We need the hard work of activists like you, out there pounding the streets, and taking on Labour ready for next year’s local elections. With hard work, a strong track record of delivery, and the wider Conservative team guiding the way, there will be no stopping us.