George Maggs works as a constituency coordinator for Charlotte Leslie, and is a final year PhD researcher at the University of the West of England. He writes in a personal capacity.

Now that campaigning has once again resumed after the tragic events in Manchester, it is important for Conservatives to get out and make the positive case for how a new Conservative government will help bring our country together and make a success of Brexit.

It is always healthier to argue how Conservatism can propel our country forward, rather than just pointing the finger at the other lot and saying “don’t vote for them”.

But in this election, it would also be a disservice to voters, and to our country, if people were not made fully aware of the character and intent of the individuals currently running the Labour Party, and how essential it is that they are sent packing at the ballot box with their tails firmly between their legs.

Although the leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is often seen by voters as too far-left to be credible, and too weak to be able to negotiate with our EU allies, he is still somehow regarded as ‘decent and principled’. People seem to be of the impression that although his brand of socialism won’t work in practice, it is nevertheless ‘good in theory’ – impractical, but morally virtuous.

This ‘respectability’ of far-left views in the eyes of voters is not only tragically misplaced, but also incredibly dangerous.

Although Conservative Party are still ahead in the polls, research suggests that people are switching from UKIP to the Conservatives, rather than from Labour to anyone else. Frighteningly, Labour are polling higher now than in the election result they achieved under Ed Miliband in 2015.

Therefore although Conservatives should of course make the positive case for economic liberalism, free trade, social freedoms and strong defences, we also have a moral obligation to unveil the extent of the horror that Corbyn-style socialism represents.

Tecently the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, made a speech addressing an audience beneath a communist flag. Just think about that for a second. If Paul Nuttall, for example, had given a speech under a swastika, people would rightly be horrified. And yet when it comes to left-wing extremism, we just give a collective shrug.

Marxist-communism is the most contemptible and cruel ideology ever devised by humankind, far more destructive than fascism. No other idea has inflicted as much death, misery and poverty on anyone unfortunate enough to have been subjected to it than socialism in its purest form.

The Black Book of Communism is an 850 page catalogue of carefully collated evidence by a group of top-level scholars. It estimates that this particular manifestation of socialism has led to the murder of:

  • 20 million people in the USSR
  • 65 million in China
  • 1 million in Vietnam
  • 2 million in North Korea
  • 2 million in Cambodia
  • 1 million in Eastern Europe
  • 1.7 million in Africa
  • 1.5 million in Afghanistan, and;
  • 150,000 in Latin America

And these figures only calculate atrocities committed by Communist Governments. Many thousands more have also been killed by groups like FARC in Colombia and the CPN-M in Nepal.

Yet the Labour Party is now happy to welcome far-left extremists into its ranks. It is not just the two at the top. The whole organisation is riddled with communist sympathisers. Corbyn’s two top spin-doctors, Seumas Milne and Steve Howell, are both ex-Communist Party members and both worked for Straight Left, a Stalinist sympathising newspaper.

The man in charge of Corbyn’s election campaign, Andrew Murray, only left the Communist Party last year. He has written articles pressing for ‘solidarity’ with the despotic, dystopian regime in North Korea, and even one commemorating the death of Joseph Stalin.

I’ll say that again: The man in charge of Corbyn’s election campaign is a supporter of Joseph Stalin. A man whose collectivisation of Ukraine led to the death of over seven million people and who personally oversaw the execution of over a million more.

“Ah”, people might say, “but Corbyn and McDonnell themselves aren’t that bad. They may surround themselves with a few bad eggs, but they’re ‘democratic socialists’, they just want society to be a bit more equal”. Well, let’s look at how ‘democratic socialism’ played in Venezuela:

Twenty years ago, Venezuela was one of the richest countries in the world. Now, despite huge oil reserves, its people are starving. Corbyn and his ilk were avid supporters of de facto Venezuelan dictator, Huge Chavez, claiming that he: “showed us that there is a different and a better way of doing things… It’s called socialism, it’s called social justice”.

Last year, the economy lost 19 per cent of GDP and inflation is currently running at over 2,000 per cent. In just the last 6 weeks, 42 people have been killed in anti-government protests.

But the Labour program is not just economically illiterate; it also holds our country in utter contempt. Our nation, like all others, consist of its people, history, customs and institutions. Under Corbyn and McDonnell, Labour hates each of these things. They see our people as greedy and uncharitable, our history as imperialist, our customs as archaic, and our institutions as oppressive and bourgeois.

Such is their disdain for Great Britain that in every conflict since World War II, Jeremy Corbyn and his team have supported our enemies.

Corbyn did not support the Falklands conflict, a war in which brave British servicemen and women died defending the rights of British citizens who were invaded by a right-wing military junta. He did not support Western action in the Balkans, where allied forces prevented a genocide of Muslims in Bosnia. He was against taking action against the Taliban after they facilitated the killing of thousands of people on 9/11.

In every foreign conflict, he considers Western influence to be the cause, rather than the solution. He even holds us partly responsible for the despicable acts of terrorism to see on our streets today.

But let’s not mistake Corbyn for a pacifist. On this point, we must take him at his word. He supports Hamas terrorists in the Middle East, and he also supported the IRA in Northern Ireland; not in the pursuit of peace, but in the hope that Britain would be defeated.

While serious peace-seeking politicians supported the Anglo-Irish Agreement, Corbyn opposed it. He attended a minute’s silence in Conway Hall to pay tribute to IRA terrorists shot by the SAS, saying: “I’m happy to commemorate all those who died fighting for an independent Ireland.”

John McDonnell also argued that it’s, “about time we started honouring those involved in [the IRA’s] armed struggle. It was the bombs and bullets and sacrifice made by the likes of Bobby Sands that brought Britain to the negotiating table. The peace we have now is due to the action of the IRA.”

Of course the Labour Party still contains a few good people, people who despise Corbyn’s program just as much as I do. Sadly, these people have been ostracised and are unable to influence party policy or direction.

So let’s not hear any more about the Labour Party representing morality or social justice. Socialism leaves no room for morality; things are either banned or made compulsory; provided by the state or not at all. Be under no illusion, in this election, patriotism and voting Labour are utterly incompatible. Labour are anything but ‘decent and principled’.