A bully, a braggart, a proven liar, a failure as a businessman who inherited his wealth, a sexual predator, a Russian agent of influence if not actually in the country’s pay, a woman-beater, misogynist and racist – or else a whipper-up of racism for political gain, which if anything is even worse.  As well as a serial tax avoider, hypocrite, smear merchant, Islamophobe, narcissist, conspiracy theorist and supporter of torture.

All this and more has been said of Donald Trump, and nearly all of it is true.  ConservativeHome has taken the view that, since what America does has repercussions abroad, his stance on Russia is a menace to NATO – and thus to peace in Europe.  For that reason, we wanted the lamentable Hillary Clinton to win yesterday’s Presidential election, which she has duly failed to do.  (We warned only a few days ago that Nate Silver might be right in saying that Trump could turn the electoral odds on their heads.)

So: he has won, but while we may not like him, we will have to live with him.  Trump is going to be the President of what is still, on balance, the world’s most powerful country.  That doesn’t mean we should stay silent if he starts to deport minorities, or corrupt the justice system, or seek to pull NATO apart, but it does mean that we have to hope that he will get better in office (he could scarcely get worse) – and behave accordingly.  Raging against the Donald on Twitter may make us feel better, but it will achieve nothing.