Councillor Joanne Laban is Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group on Enfield Borough Council.

In the last seven years Enfield has seen considerable investment in the borough driven by the Mayor of London. During those same seven years we may have had a Labour council but City Hall, under Boris Johnson delivered for our residents.

Only last May TFL took over the running of the overground services, providing a refresh to stations, savings to fares and the promise of replacement metro style trains.

The Mayor’s Outer London Fund has seen considerable investment in the south east of the borough, re-generating in some of the most deprived wards.

Most recently Meridian Water, a major brownfield housing development was selected as one of the Mayor’s Housing Zones, kick starting 8000 much needed new homes.

That’s why next year’s London mayoral election is critical. It will decide whether we continue to build on London’s successes or put them at risk.

Boris Johnson has done a great job taking London forward. After inheriting a City Hall backed by union bosses and rife with cronyism, London has become the best world city – the place for investing, doing business and creating opportunities.

He has made London a safer place to raise our families, created jobs, built more houses than anyone for a generation, and secured record investment to improve our transport network. Boris is also the first mayor to lower the precept.

But that progress is at risk if Labour is allowed to get back in to City Hall.

There is no doubt about the size of the challenge facing us. At this year’s general election, Labour actually strengthened its position in London – gaining more MPs. Labour think it is their city.

It is why their mayoral candidates repeatedly say that next year’s Mayoral election is the most important election for Labour. Tessa Jowell, the leading Labour candidate, says she is ‘focussing on winning in London because the first step the Labour Party takes to coming back is by winning in London’.

For Labour, next year’s London Mayoral election is not about making London work for Londoners, it is about Labour’s political interests.

Londoners deserve a Mayor who will put Londoners first. Who will build on Boris’s successes to will make London even better for the people who live, work, and raise a family here; not tear them down to make a political point.

London needs a high-profile Mayor with the ability, connections and knowledge to get things done for Londoners. Someone with the independence of thought to put London’s interests first, but the respect of David Cameron and George Osborne to secure a good deal for our city and get things done.

Zac Goldsmith is a successful, independent-minded and principled campaigner who knows how to deliver for London. He will fight to deliver homes that are affordable, transport that can be relied on, and cleaner, safer streets for all Londoners.

He has done this as an MP by putting his constituents first, securing 30 minutes free parking to help local shops, hundreds of new school places, and fighting off plans to charge Londoners for using London’s great parks.

This is why he was returned to Parliament with one of the biggest increases in majority of almost any MP at this year’s general election, even in a city which moved towards Labour at the general election. It is also why his constituents overwhelmingly backed his run for Mayor by four to one.

He knows how to deliver. And he knows how to win.

The Jeremy Corbyn saga in the Labour leadership election shows that nothing can be taken for granted. If we want a candidate that can win in London, we have to choose a candidate that can win in London.

Zac is the only one who can secure support from across the political spectrum in London, and polling for the Evening Standard has repeatedly shown that Zac is the only Conservative candidate capable of beating Labour.

Anyone who wants a Conservative Mayor to build on Boris’ successes to make London work for Londoners, to ensure that London continues to be the world’s best city to live, work, invest, and raise a family, must back Zac for Mayor for 2016