Lord Feldman is the Chairman of the Conservative Party.

Following my announcement two weeks ago of a full review of how the Conservative Party works, I am delighted to be able to let you know that a panel has now been appointed to conduct this review.

In seeking to establish this panel, the key objective was to find the broadest possible range of knowledge and experience of the Party and how it operates, and at the same time select people with innovative ideas themselves and open to suggestions from others.

Along with my Deputy Chairmen, Rob Halfon and Stephen Gilbert, I believe we have put together a panel that achieves this.

In Emma Pidding, the excellent Chairman of the National Conservative Convention, Adrian Mitchell, a former Regional Chairman in the North West, and Debbie Toon, current Regional Chairman for Yorkshire and The Humber, we have huge experience and knowledge of the Voluntary Party and of leading and motivating activists on the ground.

We also have Chloe Smith and Richard Harrington who fought hard, innovative, and very successful campaigns in two tough target seats in Norwich North and Watford. And Caroline Kerswell who, although unsuccessful, fought a fine campaign in a very difficult seat as our PPC in Wigan.

With Cllr Jane Scott and Cllr Philip Atkins we have two of our most senior and respected Council Leaders and the talented Syed Kamall MEP will be there to represent the views of his colleagues from the European Parliament,

Lyndon Jones and John Lamont MSP, two people with great knowledge of the Party in Wales and Scotland respectively, will ensure proper representation of views from around the UK.

Philip Smith, the long-serving Secretary of the Association of Conservative Clubs, has a deep knowledge of this important and substantial wing of our Party as well as experience of national fundraising through the lottery.

And, finally, we have Ian Sanderson, a former Agent and Field Director, as the newly appointed National Voluntary Party Manager and Secretary to the Panel.

I believe this Panel has the talent and knowledge to ensure that this process is conducted in a systematic, detailed and comprehensive manner. We will be proactive in contacting the Party Members, MPs, Peers, MEPs, PCCs, Councillors, MSPs, and AMs who make up our family to seek their views and to ensure we get as many ideas as possible.

People will also be able to take part via the Party website, through answering questionnaires and at meetings with the Panel up and down the country. The Panel will meet for the first time in two weeks, and regularly between now and Party Conference.

After Conference we will work on putting a final proposal together to be approved by the Board in December. The ultimate approval by the National Convention will take place at Spring Forum next February.

As I wrote two weeks ago, we have this golden opportunity to secure the Party’s future and we must seize it. I very much look forward to serving on this panel and working with as many of you as possible to achieve this common goal.

Panel Members

  • Andrew Feldman – Party Chairman
  • Rob Halfon – Party Deputy Chairman
  • Stephen Gilbert – Party Deputy Chairman
  • Emma Pidding – Chairman, NCC
  • Adrian Mitchell – Former Regional Chairman, North West
  • Debbie Toon – Regional Chairman, Yorkshire & The Humber
  • Chloe Smith MP
  • Richard Harrington MP
  • Cllr Philip Atkins – Leader, Staffordshire Council
  • Cllr Jane Scott – Leader, Wiltshire Council
  • Syed Kamall MEP
  • Lyndon Jones – Former Chairman, Welsh Conservatives
  • John Lamont MSP
  • Caroline Kerswell – Former PPC for Wigan
  • Philip Smith – Association of Conservative Clubs
  • Secretary – Ian Sanderson, Former Field Director and National Voluntary Party Manager