In Wednesday’s PMQ’s I asked the Prime Minister about Ed Miliband’s statement that “What Hollande is doing in France, I want to do in Britain.” The question was the source of much laughter as members placed their own interpretations on the point I was getting at.

However, there was a serious point behind my question and it is that Ed Miliband needs to be held to account for his support of the socialist policies which are presently economically crippling France.

In May 2012 I wrote for this website an article on why Miliband and Balls should fear a Hollande victory in France, as Ed Balls’ economic ideas and theories would be put to the test.

At the time Ed Miliband came out with quotes such as:

I congratulate Francois Hollande. I know from our conversations in London earlier this year and from his victory speech tonight of his determination to help create a Europe of growth and jobs, in a way that is responsible and sustainable. This new leadership is sorely needed as Europe seeks to escape from austerity. And it matters to Britain.”

In addition, following his meeting with the French President, he stated:

“The points of agreement we have were around the fact that the tide is turning against an austerity approach, that there needs to be a different way forward found. What President Hollande is seeking to do in France and what he is seeking to do in leading the debate in Europe is find that different way forward.”

Since that time France has seen unemployment increase to over 10%, a sapping of business confidence and a likely triple dip recession as the tax and spend policies of Francois Hollande prove to be a comprehensive failure.

In my piece in May last year, I also pointed out that:

‘Come the time of the next election, the Conservatives will be able to point to France with high debt, higher borrowing costs and fewer wealth creators and warn that should Ed Balls get control of the UK economy; the UK will have the same disaster on its hands.’

It is clear to all those apart from ardent left wingers that Labour has called all the big economic issues over the past few years wrong. Had they been in charge of the economy over the past few years, we would have seen a spiral in debt and unemployment of the same magnitude France is experiencing.

Therefore the Conservatives must not let Ed Miliband distance himself from Francois Hollande. He must be held accountable for his judgment in putting so much faith into a failed economic theory which is shattering the French economy.

As Francois Hollande is forced to get to grips with economic reality and shave billions of pounds off public spending in France, I wonder if he will be calling upon the advice of his British comrade of what areas of spending to cut. Seeing as Ed Miliband has opposed pretty much every spending reduction this Government has put forward, I do not believe such a call will prove very fruitful.