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By Paul Goodman

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Mark Wallace has been appointed as the new Executive Editor of
Conservative Home.  Many readers will know Mark as an experienced
campaigner and commentator.  He's been Head of Media Relations for the
Institute of Directors and Campaign Director of the TaxPayers' Alliance.
Mark currently blogs at CrashBangWallace, is a Senior Fellow of the TPA
and sits on the Council of The Freedom Association.  He'll
start work with us in roughly a month's time.

Andrew Gimson has
been appointed Contributing Editor.  Andrew is the biographer of Boris
Johnson, is a freelance contributor to a wide range of publications, and
was parliamentary sketchwriter and Berlin correspondent for the Daily

Hoskin and Harry Phibbs continue their work with the site.  Tim
Montgomerie is staying on as an adviser to ConservativeHome, and will
write a weekly blog. ConservativeHome will continue to campaign for the
strong and compassionate conservatism which has inspired the site since
he first set it up.

It's an honour to succeed Tim as the Editor
of this site, and my debt to him as a colleague and friend is greater
than I can describe.  Readers will have seen that Iain Dale is now
contributing a weekly diary on
Fridays, and there will be more announcements in due course.