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John Kennedy: If more politicians knew poetry, and more poets knew
politics, I am convinced the world would be a little better place in which to
live…When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

are two types of politicians: actors and poets. To hell with Labour, Tory or
LibDem labels. They are just different houses where actors and poets live.
Actors vs. poets – that should be the
ultimate division for modern day politics where parties have grown so identical
we can only find their differences some time before Doomsday.

are career politicians who play politics as a job and repeat a written script.
Their theatre has an agenda with the ultimate goal of hearing you clap (think:
next election). You are watching the play because you have no choice: you
selected the cast and have to endure a seat in the front row (or a “welfare seat” at the back), and they are on
stage for the next 5 years. Boris is popular with the audience because – albeit an actor – he is a funny one. And his
genuine remarks are so inappropriate that it looks like he was casted by
accident. Perhaps, he is a poet at heart after all.

another theatrical troupe stages a play on a more topical matter (think UKIP)
the main stage act quickly re-adjusts the script so you don’t leave the audience. The
problem is: it doesn’t feel real, and
with every new play the number of empty seats of people bored with bullshit

you approach politics as a true artist does – not a commercial artist, but
a true artist who is eager to work long hours for an idea – you will find nothing in
common with the actors who surround you. You’d probably rather sit in the
audience chewing popcorn and throwing rotten eggs at this tedious clique. You
despise them and want to prove you are different.  You are in politics but you are a poet!

and actor politicians have a lot in common. Both are brilliant with words. Both
speak about current affairs: political and amorous.  Both hide the truth in multilayered
complicated verses that nobody understands. Some politicians can even quote you
a poem or two, just to prove to you they are in touch with their inner selves.
But that’s not a proof of
anything if their quotes are without integrity. The ability to talk the talk
eloquently or rhyme the words in a complicated way doesn’t make you a poet. The truth

real poet – thank you Wikipedia – is someone who “evokes meanings in addition
to, or in place of, the prosaic ostensible meaning”, someone who looks deeper
through the muddy water and tells us what he sees at the bottom. Poetry
unleashes the truth within you, and you cannot stop it. You cannot be a true
poet without being true to yourself. A real poet is the one who has the quest
for truth as the fundamental pivot of their being. It is important to remember
that the truth might not necessarily be a conventional
truth. You must be true to your beliefs – whatever these beliefs might be – and
not scared to stand up for them.

Poet and the Authorities: always rivals. A poet will never find it easy to
agree with everything the Authorities are stating as the truth, if it
contradicts his beliefs. He allows himself to think. Actors play passion, poets
are passionate. Hence why it is very hard to be a poet in a dominant political
clique of actors.

are the modern poets of politics? Caroline Lucas has genuine convictions and
chose an untrodden but greener path to Parliament instead of asphalted highways
of other parties. Tom Harris speaks his mind, and whose own party suspects he
is a Tory because he often disagrees with the party line.

Goldsmith is definitely a poet. He fights for what he believes in, stands up to
Cameron when he disagrees with him and often rebels against the whip.  Douglas Carswell is also freeminded and
rebellious enough to be a poet. He is for a smaller state, and poets have
always hated big state dominance.

“Poverty czar” Frank Field was the first
member of the Labour Party with a role within Cameron's coalition team, this appointment
alone speaks for itself. The man has a voice of his own that is respected.

is not only important in politics. It is fundamental for the soul and has to be
a dominating subject in the school curriculum. It brings out sensitivity and
empathy. Two qualities that make you sympathize with your fellow human beings.
Prose is good for the mind while poetry is useful for the soul. I am talking
about that kind of poetry that shakes up your beliefs, makes you ask questions,
removes the ethical vacuum, allows you not to think or speak in clichés. Bringing truthful poetry
into every aspect of life from politics to media, to debates, and to schools is
important for our sleepy souls to wake up.