Pitfield SpencerDr Spencer Pitfield, is the National Voluntary Director of the Conservative Policy Forum (CPF), a national group chaired by Oliver Letwin MP that gives its members the opportunity to discuss the major policy challenges facing Britain today. Follow Spencer on Twitter.

month, another challenging topic for the CPF. As if a by-election weren’t
enough to be getting on with, we are asking Members their views on Further and Higher
and all of the big questions are in there: Is the current
percentage of young people going to university correct? What is the right
balance between state and student payment for university education? How should
we seek to promote social mobility in university intakes?

it isn’t just the controversial stuff that we are interested in hearing about.
We know that Members care deeply about the quality of other routes to qualification,
so we want to know how the Party could make qualifications in Further Education
easier to understand – for young people leaving school, their teachers and
their parents, as well as employers. And we’re asking for suggestions about
using technology in all types of education over the next few decades. Lots of
important topics to mull over whilst you are out delivering that next batch of

why not take them out on the campaign trail with you? We are now producing short sets of questions for campaigners to use on the doorstep.
I was out on Tuesday with our Vice Chairman Fiona Hodgson, putting them to good
use in the Eastleigh sunshine.

has been a lot of talk in the papers recently about the value of local
campaigning and we all know that this is more complex than simply living in an
area – Maria Hutchings is a strong candidate for Eastleigh not just because of
her postcode but because she has put in the time talking to people about issues
both local and national. The CPF can help to facilitate those conversations and
is a great way for candidates (aspiring or selected) to boost their credentials
and deepen their understanding. That is why we are working with the campaigns
team to roll out CPF Groups to all of the 40/40 campaign as soon as possible.
Can you help us?

on the CPF website this week is the thorough and informative response from Mark Harper MP, Minister for Immigration, to our report on Members’ views
on Immigration
and coming up in March is our paper on Working Families.

you on the campaign trail!