Picture 4 The BBC's news and political coverage occasions much comment from ConHome readers, generally from a less-than-positive perspective.

Personally I am not of the school of thought that the BBC is a pro-Labour conspiracy; I think a fairer criticism is that something of a statist mentality collectively exists inside the corporation – which is not entirely unsurprising given that it is to all intents and purposes state-funded.

Certainly BBC interviewers tend to interview from the left, generally asking why government is not doing more or why ministers are not spending more money, rather than questioning why government is interfering in something and spending hard pressed taxpayers' money on some scheme or other. Additionally, the BBC's coverage of European matters has historically been rather communautaire, although that has improved somewhat in the last few years and eurosceptic/anti-EU voices have been getting more of a hearing.

Anyhow, what I think does not matter right now. My reason for writing is that I have discovered that the BBC Trust is currently undertaking a review of what viewers think of the output of both the BBC News Channel and BBC Parliament and you have the opportunity to tell them what you think.

So click here to take part in the consultation, which closes on July 19th.

Declaration of interest: I am a former BBC employee who occasionally appears on its programmes as a commentator.