High Speed Rail, we are told, is the future but HS2's defenders are employing very backwards-looking propaganda to make their case.

Unveiled in Manchester today, a new poster campaign asks northerners to support HS2 because it means jobs for them while bowler-hatted southerners are opposed because the rail link will ruin their lawns…


Jerry Marshall, a campaigner against HS2, commented:

"They seem to be getting a bit desperate. I am looking at my lawn, it is only about 30ft long and it is hardly very posh. The truth is, it is more about ancient woodlands than lawns."

Pro-HS2 campaigners privately concede that the images are provocative but they capture their frustration that southern NIMBYs are trying to kill a project that – it is claimed – is vital for the northern economies.

The campaign fits into a theme that pro-HS2 campaigners are keen to develop: If the Conservative Party is serious about northern England, they say, it will build High Speed Rail.