110524 RAD eurozonebailout

Today Mark Reckless is making a powerful case, outlined on ConservativeHome yesterday, for Parliament to decide whether it is acceptable for our money to be committed to eurozone bailouts.  We should all hope he is successful.  It is simply unfair that British taxpayers, who rejected the euro, should have their money risked trying to save it.

It is also unproductive, while the results of a Greek default could be dire, as Andrew Lilico has written for the Telegraph blog it is now a matter of when that happens, not if.  And those bailouts are illegal under the rules that are supposed to govern the eurozone.  All that means there are plenty of ways the Government can challenge the commitment of our money under existing bailout mechanisms, and refuse additional commitments.

We have set up a petition against eurozone bailouts so that more people can add their voices and call on the Government to reject them, and you can sign it here.  Please sign it and pass it on to your friends and colleagues.