Charlie Elphicke Charlie Elphicke is MP for Dover. Click here to read his preview of the Budget.

With a Budget so packed with help for jobs, money and growth it's hard to know where to start.

Most welcome was the help for low earners. Neglected during the Labour years, we saw real help in this Budget. The shock fuel duty cut and increased personal allowance will make a real difference.

The pro jobs and pro business nature of the Budget was summed up by the stated ambition to have the most competitive tax system in the G20. Corporation tax is to be cut to 26% now and will fall to 23% by 2014. Tax reforms will make the UK much more attractive for corporate headquarters. The patent box will encourage innovation.

For smaller businesses we saw much needed reforms to encourage investment. Simplification of regulation and the possible merger of income tax and NICs will really help too. The block exemption from regulations for micro businesses and start ups was eye catching.

It is to be hoped that the reforms to export help will make a real difference and encourage smaller businesses to export. The enterprise zones announced today will also help create more jobs, while the support for science and innovation was a stride in the direction of getting Britain stronger again.

This Budget exceeded the billing. What is great about it is the less flashy changes that will help Britain grow faster over the longer term. After the discouragement of the Labour years, this was the Budget business needed to know it's OK to invest, create jobs and look to the future with greater confidence.