Teresa Potocka explains the role of Conservative Friends of Poland.

The Conservative Friends of Poland group was founded recently by Daniel Kawczynski MP to establish an intra-cultural dialogue based on mutual respect and understanding between the Conservative Party, the Polish community in UK and Polish figureheads. It is supported by a Committee which currently consists of a number of professionals, a doctor with interests in promoting education, and two London Borough Councillors all of Polish background. The group is to act in an advisory fashion to establish links and forge partnerships from a political, cultural and social perspective to promote Conservative values within the Polish community in the UK.

Poland has made dramatic progress since the collapse of communism in moving from a centrally planned to a market oriented economy. Economic structures have improved significantly and the Polish economy continues to grow. Poland’s accession to the European Union on 1st May 2004 has created opportunities that guarantee stability and dynamic development. Poland and the UK have historically been allies during war and in peace time. Due to the closeness between the two nations, and our cooperation on important issues, it is fitting to address the needs and perceptions of the Polish community at this time.

We share many views and attitudes on a variety of important issues.
Poland has maintained close relations with UK, both on defence matters
and within the EU; Britain opened its borders and allowed equal rights
to Polish workers when Poland acceded to the EU. Additionally Poland
and Britain have worked closely together on many political issues
offering an alternative to the ‘ever closer union’ concept that has
shaped the EU for so many years. With such a long-existing friendship,
it is important to strengthen relations between the two countries by
engaging with the Polish community within the UK.

To build on this, it is important to encourage an open dialogue and to
provide support for mutual cultural education enabling British
nationals to get involved in what Poles and Poland has to offer. At the
same time this would strengthen the UK’s image and reputation in
Poland. It is the development of new forms of activity aimed at
broadening access to both cultures that will promote closer

An open exchange of views should be encouraged through cooperation, the
creation of a strong network and support from patrons and members.
Seminars, fringe meetings and country visits will be arranged to foster
closer political and cultural understanding between UK and Poland. The
input will be invaluable in helping people recognise the needs of a
growing community. In turn this will allow full integration of Polish
nationals into British society, welcoming them to take part in
community activity and to promote family values across the cultural

We are always keen to hear new ideas and views and would like to offer
support. Join us if you are Polish, of a Polish background or have a
passion for everything Polish. For any membership or general inquiries
contact us via this email address.