ConservativeHome Comment hosts exclusive, high quality articles from different people every day, from activists to Cabinet members. It gives you the chance to write about something important to you, knowing that it will be read by several thousand conservative opinion formers.

Here’s a ten point guide to writing for Comment:

  • Subject – Your article should be original, concise and precise in its argument – we do not accept articles that have been published elsewhere
  • Title – Suggest a preferred title for the piece that sums up the main thesis of your article
  • Bio – Please include your preferred one-sentence biography to go at the top of the article
  • Length – 600-800 words is ideal, although we can take longer articles if necessary
  • Hyperlinks – Try to find some hyperlinks to accompany any events or statistics that you refer to
  • Picture – Feel free to send a thumbnail photo of yourself to accompany the article, and one or two pictures for the text if they add something to it
  • Format – The ideal way to send them to us is as a Microsoft Word document, with the links pasted within the article but not embedded
  • Time sensitivity – It’s not always possible to publish time sensitive articles straight away but we will try to prioritise them, timeless articles may have to wait a little longer
  • Publishing – We can’t decide whether we can publish your article until we’ve seen the finished product, and we try to keep substantial time periods between articles from the same writer
  • Comments – Try to take time to respond to any inquiring comments readers make

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