Christine is Vice Chairman of the English Democrats and a leading sponsor of Justice for England.

We recently learnt that English nurses will not be receiving their pay rise in full on the 1st of April, but will receive it in two stages, in effect reducing its value – whilst we learn the Scottish Executive will honour the pay award to Scottish nurses in full on the 1st April.

The question has to be asked, for how much longer will politicians from all the main three parties continue to tolerate discriminatory treatment against the people of England?  Is petty political point scoring like this, really worth the price of alienating 85% of the UK population?

Here again, we see silence from all three parties, cognisant of the fact that all three parties are keen to woo the Scottish vote in their direction in advance of the May elections, they are clearly content to offer sweetners, which fly in the face of fairness and equality for the rest of the Union, namely the majority – the people of England.

Is it credible that Labour, Lib Dem and Tories can split themselves into three contradictory versions of their own parties, clamouring for free prescriptions in Wales, higher pay for nurses in Scotland, whilst denying the people of England the very same equal rights?

The silence of the main parties and the tacit toleration of anti-English discrimination, will inevitably be the spark that sets fire to the Union completely.  Unless the 85% of people who make up the Union begin to receive the proper respect and representation their interests deserve, none of the three parties can be surprised that the people of England will want to see the back of them.  Why would anyone vote for a party that routinely discriminates against the people who elect them? 

This slavish adherence to Scottish whims, which (let’s face it) have become ever more ambitious, unreasonable and unaffordable, is playing havoc with the tolerant and patient attitude of the English.

A long list of anti-English rhetoric from all three Scottishocentric leaders of the main three parties, plays increasingly badly with the English public who are fed up with hearing that life saving drugs available in Scotland will be denied to England, that English children will be burdened with £3,000 top up fees, (whilst the Scots and Welsh will not have such fees), that in England lower pay for teachers and nurses is acceptable (despite the cost of living being higher in the South) and that miserly help for English pensioners will continue unchallenged (when compared to the generous support given north of the border.)  We can just imagine the wailing and crying of “foul” had these injustices been perpetrated against the Scots – but no, for some reason the English are expected to shoulder these absurdities with complaint free stoicism.

How credible is it for Wales to make prescription charges free, whilst
in England they rise to £6.85 on the 1st April? That council taxes are
set to sky rocket in England, whilst they remain much lower in Wales
and Scotland?  That despite the unfairness and furore of the ridiculous
Barnett Formula, not one of the main three parties will terminate this
cash transfusion which is bleeding English coffers dry?

No Mr. Cameron, we are not “sour little Englanders”, we are the people
of England furious at the incompetent, discriminatory and brazenly pro-Scottish bias that we are fed up with seeing, where is the English
representation these days…Edinburgh?

Denied our own Parliament, denied our own voice, England has become an
unfortunate hostage to a British establishment that wants English taxes
but rejects English representation and basic democratic rights.  Do not
be surprised if, at the elections in May, a large and growing protest
vote begins to grip the land, and it will be Labour, LibDems and
Tories who will reap the whirlwind of English displeasure.

The list of grievances is long and getting longer.  For how much longer
will MPs who purport to represent English interests remain silent as
their constituents are fleeced of their taxes, rights, and democracy?
Conservatives should reflect very carefully on their silence, if they
don’t want a repeat performance in England of the “wipe out” they have
seen in Scotland.  Time is running out for Conservatives to demonstrate
they loyalty to England and the English.

On May 1st, the 300th Anniversary of the Act of Union, the Justice for
England March will proceed past Parliament and down Whitehall to draw
attention to anti-Englishness by the UK Parliament, and the disgraceful
betrayal of England by her elected MPs – patriotic English MPs of
principle are invited to join the march on this day.

England and the English are the key to the future of the Union, if
Conservatives truly have any interest in democracy, fairness and
political stability you should all be demanding  Justice for England
and start making a much louder noise in defence of your English

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