A rundown of the bills announced by the Prince of Wales earlier today.

  1. A Levelling up and Regeneration Bill to give councils new planning powers, such as compelling English landlords to put empty High Street shops out for rent.
  2. A Transport Bill, to establish Great British Railways, the new state-run agency to regulate railway services
  3. A Energy Security Bill with new powers to deliver the transition to renewable energy
  4. Harbours (Seafarers’ Remuneration) Bill enabling British ports to refuse ferry services which do not renumerate their crews at the national minimum wage
  5. A Non-Domestic Rating Bill designed to change business rates
  6. A High Speed Rail (Crewe-Manchester) Bill, to enable the construction of the next stage of HS2
  7. Public Order Bill providing the police with new powers over disruptive protests
  8. A National Security Bill providing the security services with new powers and changing laws affecting official secrets
  9. A Victims’ Bill will create additional rights for those who have been victims of crime
  10. A Brexit Freedoms Bill will enable ministers to more easily overhaul laws duplicated following our departure from the European Union
  11. A new Bill of Rights will replace provisions in the Human Rights Act, making it easier to deport foreign criminals
  12. A new Schools Bill will help tackle unregistered English schools
  13. The Higher Education Bill will make student loans available throughout the lives of potential attendees
  14. The Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Bill will ensure English universities must protect free speech
  15. Conversion Therapy Bill will ban conversion therapy for gay or bisexual people
  16. An Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill will heighten animal welfare standards, including by cracking down on puppy smuggling
  17. The Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill will relax regulations surrounding genetically-modified crops
  18. draft Mental Health Bill will seek to alter existing treatment of mental health patients in England and Wales
  19. A UK Infrastructure Bank Bill designed to support the push towards Net Zero
  20. Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and Reconciliation) Bill will aim to prevent the future prosecution of British soldiers
  21. Trade (Australia and New Zealand) Bill will enable the implementation of trade deals with our Antipodean cousins
  22. An Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill will increase the capabilities of Companies House
  23. The Procurement Bill will overtake EU rules on governmental purchasing from the private sector, in the interests of smaller British businesses
  24. A Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill will force manufacturers of smart devices, and those who import and distribute them, to adhere to particular safety standards.
  25. The Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions Bill will prevent public bodies from indulging in their own boycotts of foreign countries
  26. The Online Safety Bill represents the government’s ongoing efforts to regulate the internet
  27. A new Media Bill will ensure the privatisation of Channel 4 can go ahead, as well as ensuring Ofcom’s remit extends to online streaming services
  28. Data Reform Bill will overhaul EU laws on data protection
  29. A Social Housing Regulation Bill to strengthen tenants’ rights and provide better quality homes
  30. A draft Digital Markets, Competition, and Consumer Bill promoting competition in the digital realm
  31. An Electronic Trade Documents Bill will push for the further digitisation paperwork related to trade
  32. A Financial Services and Markets Bill with the aim to ensure the UK’s financial services industry delivers for the whole country
  33. A Modern Slavery Bill that will seek to  increase support for victims of human trafficking and modern slavery
  34. A Social Security (Special Rules for End of Life) Bill which will seek to enable those nearing death the opportunity to access three disability benefits: Personal Independence Payment, Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance.
  35. A draft Protect Duty Bill which will bring in new requirements for certain public locations for responding to terrorism.
  36. An Identity and Language (Northern Ireland) Bill will foster the Ulster Scots tradition whilst protecting the Irish language
  37. A Renters Bill will aim to abolish so-called “no fault” evictions and also reform possession grounds for landlords
  38. A draft Audit Reform Bill will establish a new statutory regulator, the Audit, Reporting, and Governance Authority, designed to enforce the reporting duties of directors.