The Conservatives can boast the first woman MP (Constance Markievicz having refused to take the oath and her seat) and first female Prime Minister.

Labour had the first openly gay MP; the first ethnic minority MP may have been a Whig.

Now the Party is breaking new ground again. The first trans MP is a Tory: Jamie Wallis of Brigend.

And here is a link to his statement.

It’s a tale that includes blackmail, rape and traumatic post-stress disorder, so it isn’t easy reading. My sense is that there is more to come, so be braced for further developments.

Wallis seems to have decided to speak out after yesterday’s dinner for Conservative MPs.

I presume there will no further startling news today, and this site sends Wallis our very best wishes for the future.

This news is bound to change the tone of internal Tory conversation about trans issues.

Boris Johnson said last week in the Commons that “people want to make a transition in their lives that they should be treated with the maximum possible generosity and respect”.

That the Conservatives have the first trans MP should help make the conversation more polite.

The Prime Minister added that “when it comes to distinguishing between man and woman, the basic facts of biology remain overwhelmingly important”.

Which is the other half of the discussion.

It’s somehow unsurprising that it’s the Tories, as so often before, who are exploring new ground before other parties have got their boots on.

Mind you, Johnson will now face new versions of the questions put to Labour front benchers.

They are asked whether a woman can have a penis. The Prime Minister will doubtless be asked whether Wallis is a woman.

And bear in mind that this unlikely story may get more unlikely yet.