They were –

  • Peter Bone.
  • Graham Brady.
  • Philip Davies.
  • Richard Drax.
  • Philip Hollobone.


  • Esther McVey.
  • Merriman, Huw.
  • Henry Smith.
  • Desmond Swayne.
  • Robert Syms.


  • Charles Walker.
  • William Wragg.

Christopher Chope and Craig Macinklay were tellers in the No lobby.

That’s the seven who voted against renewing the Coronavirus Act – Bone, Davies, Hollobone, McVey, Swayne, Walker and Wragg – plus five newcomers, including the Chairman of the 1922 Executive Committee.

The Daily Telegraph reports that a vote on the 10pm closing time in pubs or restaurants has been delayed until next week, “after dozens of Conservatives threatened to rebel and Labour refused to publicly back the measure”.

These are early shots in the developing Tory backbench campaign against the restrictions, which will carry on gaining volume and verocity if these and the Government’s test and track system fail to deliver.