Whatever you think of the Cummings Saga (we believe his statement yesterday was persuasive, and that the whole matter should be dropped), this is a dignified and coherent letter.

There may be some twist of which we’re unaware.  But as far as we can see, the matter is simple enough.

Namely, that this is an honourable decision by Ross who, unlike Cummings’ other public Conservative MP critics, has made a decision that has cost him his job.

And unlike some of them, too, he bears no animus against Cummings: “I have never [him],” he writes.

The effect of Cummings’ statement yesterday was to shut up the dam of public criticism of him from the Conservative backbenches.  Ross has just flung open the flood gates.  More water may now wash through.

We are now on Day Four of the Cummings saga, and the odds of him quitting have just shortened.