The chairmen of the Select Committees for this Parliament were announced over a month ago. They include a number of formidable figures – notably Jeremy Hunt chairing the Health and Social Care Select Committtee. Also Greg Clark, a former Business Secretary and before that Science Minister, becoming Chairman of the Science and Technology Select Committee. The chairmanships for select committee were chosen via an electoral system designed to prevent them from being partisan contests. Some chairmanships were allocated to Labour. So only Labour MPs could stand. For others, only Conservative MPs can stand. The Scottish Nationalists were also allocated a couple. But all MPs could vote, by secret ballot.

But when it came to the other members of the committees, the elections were internal. Each Party had a quota of places to fill. So, for example, there would be five spaces for Conservative MPs on the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, in addition to the Chairman. The Conservative MPs would vote, by secret ballot, to choose them. For some committees, I understand the MPs were elected unopposed.

The “Exiting the European Union Committee” has now changed its name to the Committee on the Future Relationship with the European Union and “the Committee’s remit has also been updated to reflect the closure of the Department for Exiting the European Union and now covers matters relating to the negotiations on the future relationship between the UK and EU.” It has a larger membership than the others and we can see that Conservative MPs elected staunch Brexiteers as their representatives.

The Chair and Members of the Committee are:

  • Hilary Benn MP (Chairman) (Labour)
  • Peter Bone MP (Conservative) [Pictured]
  • Joanna Cherry MP (Scottish National)
  • Sir Christopher Chope MP (Conservative)
  • Mark Eastwood MP (Conservative)
  • Florence Eshalomi MP (Labour (Co-op))
  • Mark Fletcher MP (Conservative)
  • Sally-Ann Hart MP (Conservative)
  • Antony Higginbotham MP (Conservative)
  • Stephen Kinnock MP (Labour)
  • Dr Rupa Huq MP (Labour)
  • Seema Malhotra MP (Labour (Co-op)
  • Nigel Mills MP (Conservative)
  • Matthew Pennycook MP (Labour)
  • Nicola Richards MP (Conservative)
  • Gary Sambrook MP (Conservative)
  • Wes Streeting MP (Labour)
  • Jane Stevenson MP (Conservative)
  • Matt Vickers MP (Conservative)
  • Dr Jamie Wallis MP (Conservative)
  • Dr Philippa Whitford MP (Scottish National)

The names of the Scottish Affairs Committee have yet to be announced. But the other committee memberships are listed below:

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee:

  • Rachel Reeves MP (Chairman) (Labour)
  • Alan Brown MP (Scottish National Party)
  • Richard Fuller MP (Conservative)
  • Ms Nusrat Ghani MP (Conservative)
  • John Howell MP (Conservative)
  • Mark Jenkinson MP (Conservative)
  • Peter Kyle MP (Labour)
  • Pat McFadden MP (Labour)
  • Anna McMorrin MP (Labour)
  • Mark Pawsey MP (Conservative)
  • Alexander Stafford MP (Conservative)

The Defence Committee :

  • Tobias Ellwood MP (Chairman) (Conservative)
  • Stuart Anderson (Conservative)
  • Sarah Atherton (Conservative)
  • Wayne David (Labour)
  • Richard Drax (Conservative)
  • Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi (Labour)
  • Mark Francois (Conservative)
  • Martin Docherty-Hughes (Scottish National)
  • Emma Lewell-Buck (Labour)
  • Gavin Robinson (Democratic Unionist)
  • John Spellar (Labour)

The Education Committee

  • Robert Halfon MP (Chairman) (Conservative)
  • Fleur Anderson (Labour)
  • Apsana Begum (Labour)
  • Jonathan Gullis (Conservative)
  • Tom Hunt (Conservative)
  • Dr Caroline Johnson (Conservative)
  • David Johnston (Conservative)
  • Ian Mearns (Labour)
  • Lucy Powell (Labour (Co-op)
  • David Simmonds (Conservative)
  • Christian Wakeford (Conservative)

The Environmental Audit Committee:

  • Philip Dunne MP (Chairman) (Conservative)
  • Duncan Baker (Conservative)
  • Feryal Clark (Labour)
  • Sir Christopher Chope (Conservative)
  • Mr Robert Goodwill (Conservative)
  • Ian Levy (Conservative)
  • Marco Longhi (Conservative)
  • Caroline Lucas (Green Party)
  • Jerome Mayhew (Conservative)
  • Kerry McCarthy (Labour)
  • John McNally (Scottish National)
  • Dr Matthew Offord (Conservative)
  • Alex Sobel (Labour (Co-op))
  • Shailesh Vara (Conservative)
  • Claudia Webbe (Labour)
  • Nadia Whittome (Labour)

The Foreign Affairs Committee:

  • Tom Tugendhat (Chairman) (Conservative)
  • Chris Bryant (Labour)
  • Chris Elmore (Labour)
  • Alicia Kearns (Conservative)
  • Stewart Malcolm McDonald (Scottish National Party)
  • Ian Murray (Labour)
  • Andrew Rosindell (Conservative)
  • Bob Seely (Conservative)
  • Henry Smith (Conservative)
  • Royston Smith (Conservative)
  • Graham Stringer (Labour)

The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee:

  • Julian Knight MP (Chairman) (Conservative)
  • Kevin Brennan MP (Labour)
  • Steve Brine MP (Conservative)
  • Philip Davies MP (Conservative)
  • Clive Efford MP (Labour)
  • Julie Elliott MP (Labour)
  • Damian Green MP (Conservative)
  • Damian Hinds MP (Conservative)
  • John Nicolson MP (Scottish National Party)
  • Jo Stevens MP (Labour)
  • Giles Watling MP (Conservative)

The Health and Social Care Committee:

  • Jeremy Hunt MP (Chairman) (Conservative)
  • Paul Bristow MP (Conservative)
  • Amy Callaghan MP (Scottish National Party)
  • Rosie Cooper MP (Labour)
  • Dr James Davies MP (Conservative)
  • Dr Luke Evans MP (Conservative)
  • James Murray MP (Labour (Co-op))
  • Taiwo Owatemi MP (Labour)
  • Sarah Owen MP (Labour)
  • Dean Russell MP (Conservative)
  • Laura Trott MP (Conservative)

The Home Affairs Committee:

  • Yvette Cooper MP (Chairman) (Labour)
  • Janet Daby MP (Labour)
  • Dehenna Davison MP (Conservative)
  • Stephen Doughty MP (Labour (Co-op))
  • Ruth Edwards MP (Conservative)
  • Laura Farris MP (Conservative)
  • Simon Fell MP (Conservative)
  • Adam Holloway MP (Conservative)
  • Tim Loughton MP (Conservative)
  • Holly Lynch MP (Labour)
  • Stuart C McDonald MP (Scottish National Party)

The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee  :

  • Clive Betts MP (Chairman) (Labour)
  • Bob Blackman MP (Conservative)
  • Ian Byrne MP (Labour)
  • Brendan Clarke-Smith MP (Conservative)
  • Ben Everitt MP (Conservative)
  • Paul Holmes MP (Conservative)
  • Rachel Hopkins MP (Labour)
  • Daniel Kawczynski MP (Conservative)
  • Abena Oppong-Asare MP (Labour)
  • Mary Robinson MP (Conservative)
  • Mohammad Yasin MP (Labour)

The International Development Committee :

  • Sarah Champion MP (Chairman) (Labour)
  • Richard Bacon MP (Conservative)
  • Brendan Clarke-Smith MP (Conservative)
  • Theo Clarke MP (Conservative)
  • Pauline Latham MP (Conservative)
  • Chris Law MP (Scottish National Party)
  • Ian Liddell-Grainger MP (Conservative)
  • Navendu Mishra MP (Labour)
  • Kate Osamor MP (Labour (Co-op))
  • Dr Dan Poulter MP (Conservative)
  • Virendra Sharma MP (Labour)

The International Trade Committee :

  • Angus Brendan MacNeil MP (Chairman) (Scottish National Party)
  • Robert Courts MP (Conservative)
  • Mark Garnier MP (Conservative)
  • Paul Girvan MP (Democratic Unionist Party)
  • Sir Mark Hendrick MP (Labour (Co-op))
  • Mark Menzies MP (Conservative)
  • Gareth Thomas MP (Labour (Co-op))
  • Martin Vickers MP (Conservative)
  • Matt Western MP (Labour)
  • Mick Whitley MP (Labour)
  • Craig Williams MP (Conservative)

The Justice Committee:

  • Sir Robert Neill MP (Chairman) (Conservative)
  • Robert Butler MP (Conservative)
  • James Daly MP (Conservative)
  • Sarah Dines MP (Conservative)
  • Maria Eagle MP (Labour)
  • John Howell MP (Conservative)
  • Kenny MacAskill MP (Scottish National Party)
  • Dr Kieran Mullan MP (Conservative)
  • Ellie Reeves MP (Labour)
  • Marie Rimmer MP (Labour)

The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee:

  • Simon Hoare MP (Chairman) (Conservative)
  • Caroline Ansell MP (Conservative)
  • Scott Benton MP (Conservative)
  • Mr Robert Goodwill MP (Conservative)
  • Stephen Farry MP (Alliance)
  • Claire Hanna MP (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
  • Conor McGinn MP (Labour)
  • Karin Smyth MP (Labour)
  • Bob Stewart MP (Conservative)
  • Gregory Campbell MP (Democratic Unionist Party)
  • Ian Paisley MP (Democratic Unionist Party)

The Public Accounts Committee:

  • Meg Hillier MP (Chairman) (Labour)
  • Gareth Bacon MP (Conservative)
  • Kemi Badenoch MP (Conservative)
  • Olivia Blake MP (Labour)
  • Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP (Conservative)
  • Dame Cheryl Gillan MP (Conservative)
  • Peter Grant MP (SNP)
  • Richard Holden MP (Conservative)
  • Sir Bernard Jenkin MP (Conservative)
  • Craig Mackinlay MP (Conservative)
  • Shabana Mahmood MP (Labour)
  • Gagan Mohindra MP (Conservative)
  • Sarah Olney MP (Liberal Democrat)
  • Bridget Phillipson MP (Labour)
  • Nick Smith MP (Labour)
  • James Wild MP (Conservative)

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee:

  • William Wragg MP (Chairman) (Conservative)
  • Ronnie Cowan MP (SNP)
  • Jackie Doyle-Price MP (Conservative)
  • Chris Evans MP (Labour (Co-op))
  • Rachel Hopkins MP (Labour)
  • David Jones MP (Conservative)
  • David Mundell MP (Conservative)
  • Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP (Labour (Co-op))
  • Tom Randall MP (Conservative)
  • Karin Smyth MP (Labour)
  • John Stevenson MP (Conservative)

The Transport Committee:

  • Huw Merriman MP (Chairman) (Conservative)
  • Ruth Cadbury MP (Labour)
  • Lilian Greenwood MP (Labour)
  • Simon Jupp MP (Conservative)
  • Robert Largan MP (Conservative)
  • Chris Loder MP (Conservative)
  • Karl McCartney MP (Conservative)
  • Grahame Morris MP (Labour)
  • Gavin Newlands MP (Scottish National Party)
  • Greg Smith MP (Conservative)
  • Sam Tarry MP (Labour)

The Treasury Committee:

  • Mel Stride MP (Chairman) (Conservative)
  • Rushanara Ali MP (Labour)
  • Steve Baker MP (Conservative)
  • Harriett Baldwin MP (Conservative)
  • Anthony Browne MP (Conservative)
  • Felicity Buchan MP (Conservative)
  • Angela Eagle MP (Labour)
  • Liz Kendall MP (Labour)
  • Julie Marson MP (Conservative)
  • Alison McGovern MP (Labour)
  • Alison Thewliss MP (Scottish National Party)

The Welsh Affairs Committee

  • Stephen Crabb MP (Chairman) (Conservative)
  • Tonia Antoniazzi MP (Labour)
  • Simon Baynes MP (Conservative)
  • Virginia Crosbie MP (Conservative)
  • Geraint Davies MP (Labour)
  • Ben Lake MP (Plaid Cymru)
  • Anna McMorrin MP (Labour)
  • Robin Millar MP (Conservative)
  • Rob Roberts MP (Conservative)
  • Dr Jamie Wallis MP (Conservative)
  • Beth Winter MP (Labour)

The Women and Equalities Committee:

  • Caroline Nokes MP (Chairman) (Conservative)
  • Nickie Aiken MP (Conservative)
  • Sara Britcliffe MP (Conservative)
  • Angela Crawley MP (Scottish National Party)
  • Virginia Crosbie MP (Conservative)
  • Alex Davies-Jones MP (Labour)
  • Rosie Duffield MP (Labour)
  • Peter Gibson MP (Conservative)
  • Kim Johnson MP (Labour)
  • Kate Osborne MP (Labour)
  • Nicola Richards MP (Conservative)

The Work and Pensions Committee :

  • Stephen Timms MP (Chairman) (Labour)
  • Debbie Abrahams MP (Labour)
  • Shaun Bailey MP (Conservative)
  • Siobhan Baillie MP (Conservative)
  • Neil Coyle MP (Labour)
  • Steve McCabe MP (Labour)
  • Nigel Mills MP (Conservative)
  • Selaine Saxby MP (Conservative)
  • Dr Ben Spencer MP (Conservative)
  • Chris Stephens MP (Scottish National Party)
  • Sir Desmond Swayne MP (Conservative)

There are various other committees that cover procedural matters – Backbench Business, Standing Orders, Statutory Instruments and so on – which are listed here.