The Cabinet meeting that was due to take place at 4.30pm has been brought forward to 2pm.

This follows a meeting in Downing Street with Arlene Foster and Nigel Dodds of the DUP.

There is some speculation that progress towards a deal has stalled. However, Ireland’s Leo Varadkar says “hopefully” a Brexit deal can be reached today

For example, Rowena Mason, the Deputy political editor at The Guardian, tweets:

“Noises still quite negative from the UK side re getting the DUP on board. PM’s official spokesman says “issues remain to be resolved” although he insists some progress was made overnight.”

Steven Swinford, the Deputy Political Editor of The Times tweets that Sammy Wilson of the DUP has raised the following “significant concerns”:

  • Consent *must* be based on cross-community double majority
  • Deal will ‘diminish’ NI Assembly
  • Customs checks will lead to ‘impediments’ to trade between GB & NI