Charlie Elphicke is registered as an independent, and voted with the Government yesterday evening.

It’s worth noting that two other independents did, too: Ian Austin and Ivan Lewis, former Labour MPs, both of whom tore into Jeremy Corbyn during the debate.

– – –

Meanwhile, three independents voted with Corbyn: Heidi Allen, Sylvia Hermon and Stephen Lloyd, formerly a Liberal Democrat.

Don’t confuse the independents with the Independent Group for Change (please try to keep up).  Of the latter, Mike Gapes, Chris Leslie and, yes, Anna Soubry voted with the Opposition.

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Health warning: people abstain for many reasons.  An MP who doesn’t vote may be ill; or abroad; or have some urgent constituency or personal business.

None the less, it’s a matter of record than none of the 22 whipless former Tories voted yesterday evening.