It is obviously easier to vote against the Government today, if you are a Conservative MP, if you do not intend to stand at the next general election.  It gives you a certain insulation from the whips.

Three Tory MPs have announced today that they intend so to do.  The first was Justine Greening, the former Education Secretary.  The second was Keith Simpson, who is 70.  The third is Alistair Burt, a longtime senior Minister, most recently at the Foreign Office.

All were Remainers in 2016: Burt and Simpson supported the Withdrawal Act.  Greening, by contrast, is an enthusiastic backer of a second referendum.

Which shows that they are not necessarily three birds of a feather.  Furthermore, ConservativeHome is told that Simpson will vote with the Government this evening.  If there is a snap election, more Tory MPs and some from other parties will undoubtedly follow.