CCHQ have announced another round of seats as open for prospective candidates. This is an unusually large group – more evidence perhaps that the Party is gearing up to fight a general election sooner rather than later.

We have listed these seats below, along with the incumbent party and the size of the majority. All are Labour-held.

  • Alyn & Deeside (Lab, 5,235)
  • Chester (Lab, 9,176)
  • Wirral South (Lab, 8,323)
  • Birmingham Edgbaston (Lab, 6,917)
  • Bolton South East (Lab, 13,126)
  • Cardiff West (Lab, 12,551)
  • Tooting (Lab, 15,458)

More interestingly still, many of these seats are ones which would be affected by the boundary review if and when it comes into effect. Although these seats are listed with a caveat (“any selected candidate will cease to be a candidate should the boundary changes be implemented before the next General Election if the constituency disappears or an existing MP exercises an incumbency right over it”) the decision to open them up casts some light on what party strategists think the likelihood of that is.

Below are listed those seats. Once again all are held by Labour save for Aberconwy, which is being vacated by Guto Bebb.

  • Aberconwy (Con, 635)
  • Clwyd South (Lab, 4,356)
  • Brighton Kemptown (Lab, 9,868)
  • Derby South (Lab, 11,248)
  • Walsall South (Lab, 8,892)
  • Lancaster and Fleetwood (Lab, 6,661)
  • Harrow West (Lab, 13,134)
  • Hammersmith (Lab, 18,651)
  • Halifax (Lab, 5,376)
  • Nottingham South (Lab, 15,162)
  • Workington (Lab, 3,925)
  • Eltham (Lab, 6,296)
  • Newcastle Under Lyme (Lab, 30)
  • West Lancashire (Lab, 11,689)

The deadline for applications is noon on Monday 16 September.