Yesterday the Conservative Councillors’ Association (CCA) forwarded a letter each from Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson to their mailing list. The CCA’s membership is the vast majority of the nearly-7,500 Tory councillors across the country, making this a valuable opportunity to contact a sizeable and influent subset of the electorate who are about to vote for the next leader.

ConservativeHome has obtained copies of each candidate’s letter, and publishes them in full below.

Jeremy Hunt’s letter to councillors

Dear Cllr [NAME],

Choose me as your Prime Minister to deliver Brexit, send Corbyn packing and make Britain walk tall in the world again. Watch my video to find out how.

As an entrepreneur, I know how important firing up the economy is, especially when preparing for Brexit. That’s why I will cut corporation tax to 12.5% and take 90% of high street firms out of business rates altogether.

As the son of a Naval officer I will decisively increase defence spending to 2.5 percent of our GDP over the next ten years, so that we can defend our values overseas.

But my first task as your Prime Minister will be to take us out of the European Union. You cannot leave the EU on a wing and a prayer. You need a plan. Read my full ten point plan here.

First I will try to re-negotiate our deal with the EU, and to get a better deal, you need a businessman. But what if we get to 30th September and the EU have refused to budge? What if they will not renegotiate? Then we will leave the EU at the end of October with no deal. We will leave quickly and we will leave immediately. In these circumstances the farmers, fisherman and industries that need support will get it, we did it for the bankers we should do it for them.

We will then take on Corbyn. Recent polls have shown that the public back me as the best Prime Minister by 41% to Boris Johnson’s 29%. (YouGov, June 2019).

So back me to deliver Brexit and send Corbyn packing. Watch my video and choose the best for Britain.

Thank you,

Jeremy Hunt

PS. On Sunday 7th July, I am hosting a Townhall by telephone and would welcome your contributions to help me make my plan for Britain. Sign up here.

Boris Johnson’s letter to councillors

Dear Cllr [NAME],

I want to pay tribute to you, our fantastic army of local government representatives, who work tirelessly in our communities every day. I was proud to make my career in local government and I want to extend my sincerest thanks and congratulations to all of you for all that you do.

It is still true, truer than ever, that we as Conservatives provide better value for money, better services and lower council tax, and you valiantly deliver this. But I know that every local councillor feels the same frustration, that the good that you do has been lost in the Brexit fog.

Let me reassure you that I understand the public backlash against the failures of central government on the doorstep and in elections, and this is why we must leave the EU on October 31st, with or without a deal. Only then can we begin to unite our country, restore trust in our politics and our party, and move beyond Brexit to focus on those issues that make voters’ lives better. This is how we will stop the Lib Dems and defeat Corbyn’s Labour, retake the seats that were lost, and deliver for local government.

I have a bold vision for infrastructure, communities, high streets, connectivity and SEN provision and I know how important it is to work with you superb public-spirited people to deliver homes and the investment we need. I would trust you with more responsibility for the vast budgets you spend.

I am now building a team that will deliver Brexit, win back Conservative voters, defeat Corbyn and reinforce the Conservative values that have been the foundation of our success. If we get this wrong, we risk the chaos and uncertainty of Jeremy Corbyn and the extinction of the Conservative Party as we know it.

You will no longer pay the price of Westminster’s failure. This is the darkest hour before the dawn, and we can turn this thing around.

You can find out more about my campaign and show your support at: I also welcome your ideas and comments, which can be sent to me at:

With best wishes,

Rt Hon. Boris Johnson MP