Michael Gove

  • Has not made it clear that Britain should leave without a deal. However, his wife Sarah Vine wrote a column last week explaining that Gove is willing to leave without a deal…
  • Originally Gove has said that he is prepared to delay Brexit until 2020, now it has become a few weeks. But, Gove has also said for Britain to leave the EU before the next General Election
  • EU nationals living in the UK at the time of the 2016 referendum to apply for citizenship for free – 3 million EU citizens
  • £1 billion investment into schools
  • Continue with the spearheading of banning plastic straws, cotton buds and drink stirrers
  • Strongly opposed to Scottish independence

Dominic Raab

  • Leave EU with or without a deal come 31st October and is prepared to halt parliament to get no deal through parliament
  • Reduce the basic rate of income tax from 20p to 15 – including a 1p drop straight away. Raab claims that there is a “£26bn of headroom” in public finances to make the move work.
  • Cut down the number of Whitehall departments, cut out the bureaucracy. He would recycle half of that into frontline services – teachers, schools, nurses – and the other half into tax cuts for the future
  • A special commission looking at the public sector procurement particularly in the NHS and MOD
  • Provide more powers to the police to increase stop and search
  • Investment of £394 million every week into the NHS following Britain’s exit from the EU
  • Radical overhaul of competition laws: take on energy, insurance and telecom giants
  • He has indicated that he is not a feminist, and opposes reforms for trans people
  • More opportunities of places for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to attend private schools with “fee support”
  • Strongly opposed to Scottish independence and another referendum

Sajid Javid

  • Prepare fully for a no-deal Brexit
  • Find a deal that can be approved by Parliament
  • Has refused to rule out the possibility of delaying Brexit after the 31st October
  • Work with Ireland to amend the Irish backstop to include a time limit or exit clause
  • Tax cut for the richest one per cent of taxpayers in the UK by getting rid of the 45p income tax rate. This applies only to earners over £150k a year
  • Legal protection for police who crash cars
  • 20,000 more police on streets – which he would believe would cost £1bn
  • Slash red tape to make it much easier for police to tackle the rising knife crime on Britain’s streets
  • Strongly opposed to Scottish independence and strongly against holding another referendum

Jeremy Hunt

  • No deal would be a “last resort” and “political suicide”
  • Has claimed to have wanted Brexiteers, including the DUP and Tory hardliners to join the negotiating team
  • Defend press freedoms
  • Due to the threats of China and Russia – a future increase in defence spending
  • Avoid General Election at all costs
  • Believes that Scotland do not want another referendum on Scottish independence

Boris Johnson

  • Leave the EU by 31st October with or without a deal
  • Increase funding per pupil in Secondary Schools to £5,000
  • Increase number of police on the streets and increase numbers of stop and search following knife crime in London and elsewhere
  • Against another Scottish independence referendum and strongly opposed to Scottish independence

Matt Hancock

  • A Brexit Delivery Plan to leave the EU by the 31st October, and work towards achieving a Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement
  • An Irish Border Council to work on the administrative, political and technological solutions to the challenge of avoiding a hard border, and seeking a time limit on the backstop
  • A promise to lift all immigration restrictions for qualified doctors and nurses of any nationality who have secured a job in the NHS
  • Immediately guarantee EU citizens’ rights
  • Bring into a place a digital revolution – our own British champion to beat Huawei
  • Strongly opposed to another Scottish independence referendum and Scottish independence
  • A Long Term Plan for Education including a significant increase in per-pupil school spending equating to at least £3bn extra per year, funding stability, and a greater focus on the jobs of the future

Rory Stewart

  • Avoid no deal
  • Plans citizens’ assemblies to find a consensus over Brexit.  He is prepared to talk to Nigel Farage to find a deal that pleases all – he has also spoken to Len McCluskey
  • Double the amount of UK foreign aid spent on tackling climate change to over £2bn
  • Wants a more powerful Secretary of State for Scotland – “with the money and resources behind it”. Strongly opposed to Scottish independence

Esther McVey

  • Leave EU with or without a deal by 31st October
  • Cut taxes, but has not explained which ones
  • Slash £7bn from the Foreign Aid budget and spend it on schools and police
  • Has said it is right for parents to take their children out of LGBT education
  • Would not allow Scottish independence and another referendum

Andrea Leadsom

  • Leave with a deal or a managed no deal – three-step plan
  • Immediate laws to protect EU citizens’ rights
  • Urgent review in HS2
  • No alliance with the Brexit Party
  • Has sat on the fence concerning whether parents should be able to take their children out of LGBT education
  • On the issue of Scotland Leadsom has proposed holding “Cabinet away-days in each of the nation’s capitals at least once a year, to improve communication and relationships across the UK”.

Sam Gyimah

  • Second referendum – remain/leave – leave with a deal/No deal
  • Has said if another referendum was held, he would not actively campaign, but would vote to remain

Mark Harper

  • Greater consultation with the Irish government and his Tory colleagues over Brexit
  • Prepared to extend article 50 for a deal to be achieved
  • Has said that he is embarrassed that the government has delayed the publishing of its long-awaited green paper on social care – Harper wants to bring this forward ASAP
  • Against another Scottish referendum