Here is Andrew Sharpe’s letter to National Convention members about the proposed emergency meeting.

– – – – – – – – – –

“Dear National Convention Member,

Schedule 3, articles 13 and 14 of the Conservative Party Constitution state that “Upon a petition signed by not less than sixty-five Chairmen to the Secretary of the National Convention, the Chairman of the National Convention shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the National Convention.

The Secretary of the National Convention shall give not less than 28 clear days notice of the Extraordinary General Meeting in writing to all members of the National Convention, together with an agenda for the meeting.”

This email serves as notice that Stephen Phillips, Secretary of the National Convention, and I have received petition signed by more than sixty-five Association Chairman. The petition reads:

We, members of the National Convention recognise the difficult task our Prime Minister has had in trying to extricate the UK from the EU after over 40 years of membership and we honour her work and commitment in that endeavour. It has, however been almost 3 years since we voted to leave and after 2 extensions to the original departure date, we no longer feel that Mrs May is the right person to continue as Prime Minister to lead us forward in the negotiations. We therefore with great reluctance ask that she considers her position and resigns, to allow the Conservative Party to choose another leader, and the Country to move forward and negotiate our exit from the EU. We call on the National Convention Officers to call an EGM to consider this motion.

The Extraordinary General Meeting to debate this will be held on Saturday June 15th at a Central London location. This will be the only agenda item. In order for those travelling longer distances to be able to attend the meeting will start at midday at the earliest.

The venue will be formally notified in due course.

Yours sincerely
Andrew Sharpe OBE
Chairman of the National Conservative Convention.”