Daughter of a paratrooper. Named after a frigate.  Royal Naval reservist.  Naval constituency.  Former Armed Forces Minister.

This is the post she has always wanted, and will have been disappointed not to get last time round.

It is also a reward, if you want to think of it in this way, for not resigning over Brexit policy.  This former Vote Leave campaigner from 2016, and member of the “pizza club” of Brexit-friendly Ministers, didn’t care for “Chequers” and doesn’t like the Withdrawal Agreeement.  But unlike David Davis, Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab and Esther McVey, she stayed put.

The promotion strengthens her claim to a continuing Cabinet post in the event of Theresa May being toppled later this year.

But it’s unlikely that it will provide the fillip to her leadership ambitions required to vault her nearer the front of the queue.