Once the leadership campaigns begin to issue the names of MP supporters, we will publish our own list that puts all of these together.

We have been compiling our own list for some time both of declared and undeclared supporters of possible contenders.

The simplest way of proceeding at this stage, since we have some of the latter in confidence, is to publish headline figures.

These will duly be rubbished by all the camps concerned – who will insist that their man or woman has far more committed support than these relatively low headline figures suggest.

They may be right, but we are being conservative – this is ConservativeHome, after all – and what strikes us so far is how fluid the Parliamentary stage of the contest is presently set to be.

So it is that we have Jeremy Hunt on 27 MP supporters, Boris Johnson on 19, Dominic Raab on 13, Michael Gove on 12, Sajid Javid on 10 and no-one else on double figures, at least yet.

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