Having broken the news last week that the Conservative Party was preparing to contest EU elections, a few days ago I published the list of Conservative candidates standing in Scotland in the European elections. Today, ConservativeHome can reveal the full list of 71 Conservative MEP candidates, in every region and nation of the UK.

As ever, it remains the case that the formal position of the Party and the Government is that Brexit ought to be concluded before these elections must be held, but that looks vanishingly unlikely at this stage.

Each list is in order, and those incumbent MEPs standing again (who were automatically placed at the top of each list) are highlighted in bold.


1. Nosheena Mobarik

2. Iain McGill

3. Cllr Shona Haslam

4. Cllr Iain Whyte

5. Andrea Gee

6. Michael Kusznir


East of England

1. Geoffrey Van Orden CBE

2. John Flack

3. Joe Rich

4. Thomas McLaren

5. Joel Charles

6. Wassim Mughal

7. Thomas Smith


East Midlands

1. Emma McClarkin

2. Rupert Matthews

3. Anthony Harper

4. Brendan Clarke-Smith

5. Thomas Randall



1. Syed Kamall

2. Dr Charles Tannock

3. Joy Morrissey

4. Timothy Barnes

5. Scott Pattenden

6. Attic Rahman

7. Kirsty Finlayson

8. Luke Parker


North East

1. Richard Lawrie

2. Chris Galley

3. Duncan Crute


North West

1. Sajjad Karim

2. Kevin Beaty

3. Jane Howard

4. Arnold Saunders

5. Wendy Maisey

6. Thomas Lord

7. Anthony Pickles

8. Attika Choudhary


South East

1. Daniel Hannan

2. Nirj Deva DL

3. Richard Robinson

4. Michael Whiting

5. Juliette Ash

6. Anna Firth

7. Adrian Pepper

8. Clarence Mitchell

9. Neva Sadikoglu-Novaky

10. Caroline Newton


South West

1. Ashley Fox

2. James Mustoe

3. Faye Purbrick

4. Claire Hiscott

5. James Taghdissian

6. Emmeline Owens



1. Dan Boucher

2. Craig Lawton

3. Fay Jones

4. Tomos Davies


West Midlands

1. Anthea McIntyre

2. Daniel Dalton

3. Suzanne Webb

4. Meirion Jenkins

5. Alexander Phillips

6. Mary Noone

7. Ahmed Ejaz


Yorkshire and the Humber

1. John Procter

2. Amjad Bashir

3. Michael Naughton

4. Andrew Lee

5. Matthew Freckleton

6. Susan Pascoe


Northern Ireland

1. Amandeep Singh Bhogal

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