The latest tranche of seats have opened to applications by candidates. They are:

Ashfield – Labour majority: 441.

Bolsover – Labour majority: 5,288.

Colne Valley – Labour majority: 915.

Leeds North West – Conservatives in third place in 2017. Labour 20,416 votes; Liberal Democrats 16,192 votes; Conservatives 9,097 votes.

Portsmouth South – Labour majority: 1,554.

Sefton Central – Labour majority: 15,618.

Wrexham – Labour majority: 1,832.

It’s a mixed bag of seats, evidently, with some extremely tight marginals which the Conservatives really must win if they are to regain a majority, and others (Leeds North West and Sefton Central) which have huge Labour majorities.

Interestingly, we have exclusive news of a former MP hoping to re-enter the Commons – Jason McCartney, who represented Colne Valley from 2010-2017, is going to apply for selection in his former constituency.