“All MPs have been willing to say is what they do not want” – Theresa May was roundly condemned last week for her statement including those words, which was treated as an appalling and unjustified attack on Parliament. Partially as a result, the Commons then voted for the Letwin amendment, seizing control of the Parliamentary agenda to give themselves the chance to show exactly what they do want.

Somewhat ironically, they have used that ‘indicative vote’ this evening to…drumroll…reject all eight options put before them. The Prime Minister might be permitted a wry smile, were she not in the final throes of her time in office.

Here are the headline results:

Motion B (John Baron) – No Deal. Ayes 160 – Noes 400.

Motion D (Nick Boles) – Common Market 2.0. Ayes 188 – Noes 283.

Motion H (George Eustice) – EFTA and EEA. Ayes 65 – Noes 377.

Motion J (Ken Clarke) – Customs Union. Ayes 264 – Noes 272.

Motion K (Jeremy Corbyn) – Labour’s alternative plan. Ayes 237 – Noes 307.

Motion L (Joanna Cherry) – Revoke Article 50. Ayes 184 – Noes 293.

Motion M (Margaret Beckett) – Second Referendum. Ayes 268 – Noes 295.

Motion O (Marcus Fysh) – Contingent preferential arrangements. Ayes 139 – Noes 422.