Congratulations to Karl McCartney, who was selected last night as the Conservative candidate for Lincoln.

The former MP for the city, from 2010-2017, was reselected through an unusual process. The local Conservative Association opted for a fast-track process – agreed with CCHQ – designed to give priority to those MPs who lost their seats at the last election. That meant that association members met yesterday to cast a yes/no vote on whether to select McCartney.

It wasn’t a unanimous vote, in the end – I gather some of those in the room, including at least one councillor, gave the ex-MP a tough time in the Q&A.

Brexit featured prominently in the discussion, as you would imagine. A source tells me that McCartney described the Prime Minister’s deal as a bad deal, and said that he preferred a No Deal outcome – the candidate himself says that is “accurate” but that his view is “a tad more nuanced”.

Following the speech, questions and debate, he was reselected, and will therefore now seek to overturn Karen Lee’s 1,538 vote majority at the next election.