The week before last, ConservativeHome suggested that Conservative Associations should pass locally the National Convention’s pro-Leave motion. Despite the apparent efforts of the Party hierarchy to deter associations from even accepting it for discussion, it seems a growing number of associations are indeed adding it to their AGM agendas, and thereby debating then passing it.

This afternoon we have published an initial list of associations which have successfully done so, which we will update as and when more do so.

Observant readers will spot that one of the first five is Torridge and West Devon, the local association of Geoffrey Cox, the man currently charged with trying to secure sufficient improvements to the Withdrawal Agreement to gain it the approval of the House of Commons.

Given his role, Cox did not vote on the motion either way at his local party’s AGM over the weekend. However, a source in the room tells me that prior to the vote the Attorney General did “endorse” the motion, and after its approval he told the assembled Conservative members that he was “happy to commend it to his colleagues”.

As a reminder, here is the motion in full:

“The National Convention supports the commitments the Prime Minister has made to the country to honour the European Union referendum result of 2016, that having triggered Article 50 we will leave the European Union on the 29 March 2019.

“Another referendum, a delay beyond the European elections, taking ‘no deal’ off the table or not leaving at all would betray the 2016 People’s Vote and damage democracy and our party for a generation.”