• Lucy Allan
  • John Baron
  • Bob Blackman
  • Sir William Cash
  • Rehman Chishti
  • Sir Christopher Chope (as a teller)
  • David T.C Davies
  • Philip Davies
  • Richard Drax
  • Philip Hollobone
  • Gary Johnson
  • Esther McVey
  • Nigel Mills
  • Anne Marie Morris
  • Peter Bone (as a teller)
  • Tom Pursglove
  • Henry Smith
  • Bob Stewart
  • Desmond Swayne
  • Robert Syms
  • Michael Tomlinson
  • Martin Vickers

This is the amendment whose contents the Government essentially purloined yesterday – which set out the plan for potential votes next month on No Deal and Extension.

Conservative MPs were whipped to support it, but the 22 (including tellers) above voted against. Most though not all are associated with the European Research Group.

We understand that 88 other Tory backbenchers didn’t vote on the amendment, including Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab and Jacob Rees-Mogg. But as we have written many times, it can’t be assumed that all abstentions are deliberate.