In the narrowest sense, the Government was right to part with Alberto Costa yesterday.  (Whether he resigned or was sacked is being left somewhat ambiguous.)  Parliamentary Private Secretaries mustn’t seek to amend motions tabled by the Government of which they are members.  (His amendment was about the future rights of EU citizens.)

However, the net consequence is that Costa has left the Government for tabling an amendment supporting its policy – or so we must assume from the fact that it was passed unanimously.

In anything but that narrowest sense, then, the decision to lose him was crackers.  Not to mention shambles-intensifying.  What signal does it send when Cabinet Ministers and others near the top of the ladder stay on it, while openly opposing Government policy*, while an MP on the lowest rung is pitched off it – while supporting Government policy?

Give the man a job.  Perhaps the one he had yesterday morning?

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* See here, here, here and here.