In writing about the latest Ministerial appointments, we risk being left behind the news.  After all, one never knows when further resignations may not suddenly come.

But we will chance our arm, and report that Jesse Norman has replaced Jo Johnson as a Minister of State at Transport, getting a leg up from his previous rank as an Under-Secretary.

Norman is having a good run – having seen Philip Hammond pronounce the death sentence on the private finance initiative, against which he creatively and justifiably campaigned for so long, in the Budget.

He is emphasising on Twitter that his “portfolio remains as it, with additions” – i.e: he is still responsible for roads, and hasn’t simply stepped into Johnson’s shoes as the Rail Minister.

Meanwhile, spare a thought for Andrew Jones.  He was an Under-Secretary at the department for the period between the 2015 and 2017 general elections.  Then he was dismissed and appointed a Party Vice-Chair, writing in that capacity on this site only recently.

But today, he’s back at Transport as an Under-Secretary once again.  Strange are the vicissitudes of politics.  Or, as Alan Clark used to put it, ACHAB: anything can happen at blackgammon.