Whether it’s design (as some in the ERG said it would be last week) or simply the impact of growing discontent about the Chequers proposal, another day brings another resignation.

This time it’s Scott Mann, MP for North Cornwall, who has resigned as a Treasury PPS.

His letter to the Prime Minister, which I’ve enclosed in full below, presents his reasons:

‘…elements of the Brexit White Paper will inevitably put me in direct conflict with the views expressed by a large section of my constituents. I am not prepared to compromise their wishes to deliver a watered-down Brexit.

The residents of North Cornwall made it very clear that they wish to have control over our fishery, our agricultural policy, our money, our laws and our borders. I will evaluate those core principles against the Brexit white paper and ensure I vote in line with their wishes.’

A former postman, Mann gained his seat from the Liberal Democrats in 2015