The House of Commons will be voting on whether or not to accept 15 amendments from the House of Lords to the EU Withdrawal Bill.

Those expected to take place today include:

  • Amendment 19 – for a “Meaningful vote”. Proposed by Lord Hogg. It sets a deadline of November 30 for the Brexit negotiations to be concluded and reaffirms that the House of Commons must approve any deal. It adds that if the deal is not approved then rather than automatically proceeding with a “no deal” Brexit the Prime Minister is ordered to go back to the EU to negotiate further. The vote is expected around 4pm.
  • Amendment 20 – requiring parliamentary approval for negotiations. Proposed by Lord Monks. This would require a vote on phase two before they begin. The vote is expected around 4pm.
  • Amendment 37 –  no fixed exit date.  Proposed by Lord Wellesley. The government has 29th March 2019 as a definitive exit date. This amendment would make the date subject to Parliamentary approval. The vote is expected around 4.30pm.
  • Amendment 10 (also Amendments 43 and 45) – Henry VIII powers. Proposed by Lord Rogers. This would make it harder to amend EU law under secondary legislation. Ministers would only be able to do so if “necessary” rather than if they decided it was “appropriate”. The vote on this is expected around 6.30pm
  • Amendment 25 – Northern Ireland. Lord Patten. Requires no changes in border arrangements for Northern Ireland without the approval of the UK and Irish Governments. Vote expected at about 7pm