After a delay of a couple of days, apparently due to a rather strange dispute about how many Conservative seats there would be on the committee, we finally have the results of the election for Conservative members of the Brexit Select Committee – or, to give it its proper name, the Exiting the European Union Committee.

The winners are:

  • Peter Bone
  • Chris Chope
  • Stephen Crabb
  • Jonathan Djanogly
  • Richard Graham
  • Andrea Jenkyns
  • Jeremy Lefroy
  • Craig Mackinlay
  • Jacob Rees-Mogg
  • John Whittingdale

Those wondering how that list split in the referendum may be interested to know that the tally is six Leavers (Bone, Chope, Jenkyns, Mackinlay, Rees-Mogg and Whittingdale) and four former Remainers (Crabb, Djanogly, Graham and Lefroy). All ten are, of course, now declared supporters of honouring the referendum result.

A vocal Brexiteer (Gordon Henderson), a vocal critic of the Government’s plans (Anna Soubry), and two newly-elected MPs (Simon Clarke and Vicky Ford) were unsuccessful in the race.