The results of the election for the executive of the 1922 Committee  are as follows:

Kemi Badenoch (pictured, right)

Bernard Jenkin

John Lamont

Pauline Latham

Jeremy Lefroy

Sheryll Murray

Mark Pawsey

Antoinette Sandbach

Alec Shelbrooke

John Stevenson

Bill Wiggin

William Wragg

The ’22 executive lost some of its members in the General Election: Karl McCartney and David Burrowes lost their seats, while Andrew Turner and Simon Burns stood down from Parliament.

Bernard Jenkin, Antoinette Sandbach and Bill Wiggin are re-elected, having served in the executive’s previous line-up.

Just as in the Parliamentary Conservative Party more generally, members of recent intakes now dominate  – two members (Kemi Badenoch and John Lamont) are new arrivals in Parliament; Sandbach and Wragg were first elected in 2015; while there are now half a dozen members from the 2010 intake. Only Wiggin (2001) and Jenkin (1992) are of an older vintage.