After a lighter Bank Holiday service, we’re back to the detailed process of covering the ongoing candidate selection processes in Conservative-held and target seats. Paul has just revealed the final three on the Isle of Wight shortlist, and I’m now able to reveal the three candidates shortlisted for tonight’s selection in Southampton Test (Labour majority 3,810):

  • Paul Holmes: Formerly a parliamentary adviser to Stephen Hammond, Holmes is currently Special Adviser to Patrick McLoughlin, the Party Chairman. A former councillor and cabinet member on Southampton City Council, and former Chairman of Southampton University Conservatives, he has previously written for this site. He was the Conservative candidate in Mitcham and Morden in 2015.
  • Emma Warman: A non-practising barrister, Warman works in compliance in the risk and insurance sector. A former Deputy Chair of LGBTory, she previously served as a councillor in Reading. Warman contested Cardiff South and Penarth in the 2015 General Election.
  • Ian Young: Thus far, we haven’t been able to confirm which of several possible Ian Youngs this candidate is – if you can help us to do so, please comment below.

Candidate imposed in Bridgend

After the local association voted to reject both of the candidates shortlisted for them by CCHQ, I’m told that the central Party has imposed one of them as the General Election candidate:

  • Karen Robson (pictured, top right) fought Cardiff Central in 2010 and the Cardiff South and Penarth Assembly constituency in 2007. A former Welsh Woman of the Year, she has a long track record of campaigning for rights for the disabled.

While I gather that in Newport West activists are mostly reconciled to the imposition of Angela Jones Evans, here there appear to be deeper rifts over the decision. The South West Wales Conservative Chairman, and the Conservatives’ only Bridgend councillor, have both expressed their frustration over the decision to the BBC today.

Selecting tonight

Chichester (Conservative majority 24,413): Partial shortlist and candidate biographies here.

Northampton South (Conservative majority 3,793): Vacated by David Mackintosh last week, shortlisting apparently took place today – though the shortlist is yet to be revealed.

Saffron Walden (Conservative majority 24,991): Shortlist and candidate biographies here.

Southampton Test (Labour majority 3,810): Shortlist and candidate biographies above.

Stockton North (Labour majority 8,367)

Walsall North (Labour majority 1,937)

Walsall South (Labour majority 6,007)

Norwich South (Labour majority 7,654)

West Bromwich West (UKIP in second place in 2015, Conservatives third)

Wirral South (Labour majority 4,599)