It’s unusual for an Under-Secretary of State to be appointed to the Privy Council.  Plenty of Ministers of State, one rank up, don’t get elevated to it.  So Tobias Ellwood’s appointment, announced yesterday evening, would be very strange indeed, were it not for Wednesday’s extraordinary events.

One old hand who ConservativeHome spoke to earlier said that being a member of the Privy Council “was viewed as a greater honour than a knighthood until fairly recently”.  At any rate, Ellwood is clearly being honoured for his valour, as is only right.  Ben Wallace, the Security Minister, who is a fully-fledged Minister of State, is also so elevated: he co-ordinated the Governent’s response on Wednesday.

This site offers congratulations to both, and if we do so especially warmly to Ellwood, we’re sure that all concerned will understand why.  As we wrote immediately after Wednesday’s tragic event, he is now unsackable, and can surely expect a promotion in due course.