It’s rare that someone in Government levels a formal objection to coverage in a newspaper – so it’s interesting to note that today’s Times carries an apology to Nick Timothy:

‘In a leading article about investigations into allegations of electoral fraud (“Polls Apart”, Mar 4), we wrongly said that Nick Timothy, an adviser to the prime minister, “could be directly implicated”. As we made clear in a news report published the same day (“Electoral fraud inquiry rocks No 10”, Mar 4), Mr Timothy has not been accused of any wrongdoing, and we have been informed that neither the police nor the electoral commission have asked to see him. We are happy to put the record straight and apologise to Mr Timothy for any distress caused.’

Criticism is part of the normal rough and tumble of politics – something of which Timothy, a former ConservativeHome columnist, is well aware – but suggestions or implications of criminality are a rather different matter.