Harrison lives in Bootle, is 40, has four daughters – and CCHQ’s statement is somewhat unforthcoming about what she is doing at the moment, describing her as “a local champion with a track record of delivering for her community”. It says that “her commitment to her home area has seen more than £4 million invested there since 2010”, a claim that is sure to be probed closely.

As CCHQ confirms, Harrison was, not all that long ago, a “Copeland Borough Council locality officer for South Copeland”.  “Mrs Harrison,” the North-West Evening Mail has reported, “led the way on the Bootle Community Plan, which has seen funding secured for a BMX track in the village along with gaining the Lake District National Park Authority’s support for two housing developments”.  She has also worked at Sellafield.

Here’s a Q & A from the same source: “My favourite place in the world to eat is the Byre Tea Rooms in Bootle, nutritious and very delicious but if we are looking for something in the evening I would really be torn between Da Vinci’s or something a bit hot from Curry Spice.”  Her husband Keith is “a welder who works in the nuclear industry”. That will come in useful in Copeland.

Jack Brereton has been selected candidate for Stoke-On-Trent Central.  He became one of the party’s youngest councillors when elected at the age of 19 in 2011.